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About Goyard World

Goyard World is a Goyard specialty store from Japan. Founded in 2009 by two Goyard enthusiasts and collectors, Akira Tsunoda and Hirokazu Yano, Goyard World has more than a decade of experience dealing Goyard products to the Japanese market.

In 2022, with tourism and domestic sales severely impacted by COVID-19, Goyard World opened it's first online store to sell to the international market.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to serving our customers the best we can, to offer the best quality products at the best prices we can. Our company philosophy centers around the customer, and we firmly believe nothing matters more than satisfying our customers.

*Please note that Goyard World is not an official retailer of Goyard. We are a Goyard dealer based in Tokyo, Japan, and we only sell new Goyard products.